Circle of Fire plus Waterfalls (45-50 minute flight): Tour the most geologically active environment on earth, with emphasis on the most current areas of volcanic activity. View lava flows and black sand beaches. See tropical rain forests and waterfalls while learning about the history and culture of Hawaii.

Price per person:

Eco-star - Price - $275.00




Big Island Spectacular (Two hour event): Discover both the Big Island's beauty and its volcanic fury. Experience all the awesome spectacle of Madame Pele's lava and volcanic badlands, then explore lush rainforests and the Hamakua Coast. Finally, the deep and immense tropical valleys of the Kohala Mountains, with dozens of cascading waterfalls, provide the perfect finish to the ultimate Big Island adventure.

Price per person:

Eco-star - Price - $570.00


Kohala Coast Adventure (45-50 minutes): Tour the Kohala Coast. Many consider this area to have the most spectacular scenery on the Big Island. The towering sea cliffs open into the dramatically deep and meandering valleys of the Kohala Mountains. Beautiful waterfalls cascade thousands of feet into the rainforest below. See remnants of ancient Hawaiian settlements that are still visible today.

Price per person:

Eco-star - Price - $295.00


"Top 10 Unforgettable Experiences"
Join us for a provocative journey through space and time. From sea level to the high alpine witness the dramatic diversity of our island's landscape. After a hot, picnic-style dinner we make our way to the summit of Hawaii’s most sacred mountain for a sensational sunset amidst the largest collection of telescopes on earth. As daylight fades we descend to a lower elevation where your Interpretive Guide will reveal the wonders of our Hawaiian night skies.

Tour Time: Approximately 7 hours. Fairmont Orchid pick up at 2:30 PM. Drop off at 9:30 PM.

Activity: Sunset & Stargazing

Dress Recommendations: Guests are provided hooded parkas, but should bring a sweater or jacket; wear long pants and covered walking shoes with socks.

Restrictions: Physical — Persons with respiratory or heart conditions, pregnant women, or those in poor health should not access the summit. Scuba divers please note that summit altitude is over 13,000 feet (4000 meters).
Age — Children under 13 are not allowed on summit tours.

Includes: Hooded winter parka, hot picnic dinner at private location, private star show with telescope, hot cocoa and cookies.

Menu: Choice Chicken Breast with Guava BBQ Sauce served with steamed brown rice & carrot garnish OR Tofu Veggie Wrap (served chilled) with lemon & mint quinoa


Price: $223.96

Exclusive VETS Tour - Includes all Gratuities


"Fun in Nature"
For an all-around Hawaiian adventure come with us into the heart of the Kohala countryside. North Kohala is a land of old sugar plantations, Hawaiian legends, and natural beauty. The excursion begins with a scenic drive through the Kohala countryside, including a four-wheel drive adventure to the trailhead. The loop trail offers two streams with seven waterfalls and three bridges, plus ancient Hawaiian terraces and flumes along the famous Kohala Ditch. Hiking with countryside views a stop to and a chance for a swim in a private mountain stream with cascading falls overhead.

Tour Time: 1:30 PM Pick up at Fairmont Orchid Hotel. 6:30 PM Drop off.

Activity: Short walk less than 2 miles. Rated Easy to Moderate with several short climbs, and off-road driving - Waterfall swim (optional)

Dress Recommendations: Guests should wear closed-toe walking shoes, reef walkers or sports sandals, bathing suit under shorts, a hat, sunscreen and a light sweatshirt or jacket.

Restrictions: Physical — Must be able to walk over uneven terrain and short climbs. Not recommended for those with back or neck problems.

Includes: Walking staffs, raingear, daypacks, snack, water, assorted juice & sodas, access fee,
Snack Included - Fresh island fruits & banana bread
Optional Lunch Add on: Lunch in addition to Snack - $20.00 per person- Lunch includes chips, cookie & choice of deli sandwich; Turkey, Ham, Tuna, or Veggie.

Price:  $174.00

Exclusive VETS Tour - Includes all Gratuities


“Experience the Magic of Pele’s Creation”
On our Twilight Volcano Adventure we’ll journey through the Island’s incredible range of ecosystems and climate zones before experiencing first-hand the phenomena that makes it possible – an erupting volcano. Working our way across the island, we’ll take in sites along the Saddle Road, home to some of the rarest ecosystems in the world. We arrive at Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park to explore the natural wonders of this World Heritage site. As the sun sets we enjoy a picnic dinner at the Kilauea lookout then continue to the Jaggar Museum to witness the glow in the Halemaumau Caldera before returning you to your resort.

Tour Time: (tour is 11 hours) Pickup at 10:45 AM. Drop off at Fairmont Orchid – 9:45 PM

Activity: Short walks varying in length from .5 mile to 1 mile. Easy to moderate. Can be foggy and misty in the Park. 

Dress Recommendations: Guests should bring a warm sweater or jacket; wear long pants and covered walking shoes. 

Restrictions: Physical — Guests on this tour should not be physically challenged or unable to walk short distances of 0.5 to 1.5 miles on uneven and rocky terrain.

Includes: Park entry fee, lunch, dinner, beverages, water, walking staffs, flashlights, daypacks, & raingear. 

Menu: Lunch: Deli-style lunch including sandwich choice of turkey, ham, tuna, or veggie, chips and cookies. Upgraded menu available upon request.
Dinner: Grilled chilled chicken breast or veggie tofu wrap w/ vegetable quinoa and roll with butter. Upgraded menu available upon request.


Price: $174.00

Exclusive VETS Tour - Includes all Gratuities